Hato Letter Giveaway!


I’m gonna send a handwritten letter to the two winners.
The entry form is at the end of this article.


  • The application form will be closed on Nov 20 at 10 pm in JST
  • Anyone can apply as long as your country can receive a letter from Japan. You don’t have to follow me, RT, Like, etc. on Twitter.
  • You need Google account to access the form.
  • You can apply only once.
  • I’ll send the link to the shipping address form to the winners by Nov 23 (Please confirm you can receive an email from hatoking.com)
  • You have to reply via the form in a week. Otherwise, you would be disqualified and I’ll redraw the lot.
  • I’ll write the letter in Japanese or English. You can choose one when you win the lottery.
  • I’ll post the letters in early Dec.
  • You don’t have to pay the shipping cost.
  • I’ll delete your personal information from my computer a month after I post the letter.
  • Basically, I’ll write to you about what I see, eat, read, or where I travel recently. You can not request the topic because it’s kinda message in a bottle. (But possibly I’ll consider your note)
  • A travel photograph or a sketch might be enclosed
  • You don’t have to write back. (If you insist, you can send your letter to my address on the envelope)
  • Some of the letters or sketches might be posted on my blog or SNS in future. (The letters contain no personal information about the winner. Don’t worry, it’s sorta random message bottle, you know)


Entry form

You need Google account to access the link

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